Byllaws of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee

Last Amended in Convention, April 24, 2015

Article I: NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Libertarian Party of Tennessee, hereinafter abbreviated as LPTN.


The Primary Purpose of the Libertarian Party is to help restore the Libertarian Principles of Free Enterprise, Property Rights, Individual Freedom coupled with Individual Responsibility and Small Limited Government in whatever Entrepreneurial Fashion we can. It is the purpose of these bylaws to limit the party officers and not the party members.


A. In addition to being a resident of the state of Tennessee, membership in the LPTN shall consist of any of the following:

1. National, and therefore State, Libertarian Party membership as defined by the National Libertarian Party by-laws; or

2. Certification as an eligible voting delegate at any previous LPTN convention; or

3. Membership in good standing of an LPTN affiliated county or LPTN affiliated regional party, as certified by the respective county or regional chair. County parties and the LPTN Secretary shall maintain a list of non-national members who are certified as LPTN members. This list shall be perpetual and updated as necessary; or

4. Membership in good standing of the state party as certified by an LPTN Regional Coordinator or elected officer of the LPTN.

B. No state dues will be charged. Voluntary contributions are welcome.


A. Elected officers shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Officers shall take office at the close of the convention in which they are elected, and they shall serve until their successors are elected or confirmed. All officers of the LPTN shall have signed the National pledge rejecting the initiation of force.

B. Any officer of the LPTN can be recalled by any of:

1. A request for such a recall by a simple majority of the County and Regional Chairs, which is confirmed by a 2/3 majority of the members qualified to vote in convention; or

2. A request for such recall from a simple majority of the members which is then confirmed by 2/3 of the County and Regional chairs; or

3. A request for such recall by two (2) LPTN elected Officers or Regional Coordinators, which is then confirmed by a 3/4 vote of the LPTN elected Officers and LPTN Regional Coordinators.

C. Duties of Officers:

1. Chair: It is the responsibility of the State Chair to find, develop, and assist coordinators, county chairs, and/or regional chairs. The Chair shall also chair meetings and request special meetings. The Chair shall also efficiently represent the LPTN as a spokesperson to the National Libertarian Party, the media, the State, and all others. Additionally, the Chair may recognize and assist Coordinators from time to time for temporary and or ongoing projects, who once so recognized shall serve at the discretion of the Chair. Finally, the Chair shall appoint a Tennessee Regional Coordinator for each of the four geographic regions of the state, whose duties shall consist of assisting counties with organizing and other needs. All appointed Tennessee regional coordinators shall reside in their respective regions, and no Tennessee Regional Coordinator may be a currently elected state officer.

2. Vice Chair: It is the responsibility of the Vice Chair to replace the Chair in the event the Chair is unable to serve. The Vice Chair shall also be responsible for maintaining a communications program with and among the county and regional chairs and the state officers.

3. Treasurer: It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to account for funds and disburse those funds for their intended use. The Treasurer shall also present a detailed accounting of the expenditures for the previous year. The Treasurer shall also propose new budgets to the membership in convention.

4. Secretary:

a. Take meeting minutes at all LPTN meetings and State Party sanctioned events.  When the Secretary is not available to take the minutes, the presiding meeting chair shall appoint a person as a stand in.  The stand in secretary will provide the notes to the Secretary after the meeting for recording purposes.

b. Work with LPTN Elected Officers in the creation and release of State Party press releases and official LPTN correspondence.

c. Maintain LPTN membership rolls. Provide semi-annual reports of the LPTN current membership to the elected party officers, as well as provide an up-to-date listing upon requested by an elected officer. The Secretary is to ensure the privacy of the membership roles by only disseminating the list to elected officers.

d. The Secretary is responsible for the filing of the following reports, collaborating with the Treasurer and/or other LPTN Party officers as needed.

i. Secretary of State, Articles of Incorporation

ii. FEC Filings

iii. Ensure the LPTN has liability insurance to protect the party members from liability at LPTN events

iv. IRS Filings

D. In the event that an elected Officer is unable to complete a term of office, that Officer shall have the right to appoint a successor. This choice must be confirmed by the consent of two-thirds of the LPTN County and Regional Chairs. If that confirmation fails or if the Officer is unable or unwilling to appoint a successor, the chair shall appoint the successor, with same two-thirds approval from the LPTN County and Regional Chairs. Recalled Officer replacements shall be appointed by the LPTN Chair with the same 2/3 approval of County and Regional Chairs. The appointment shall be termed as “Interim” until the next regularly scheduled state convention, at which point the convention shall either confirm the appointment or vote a new person into office.


A. Conventions will be held annually. Business conventions for the election of officers will be held in the years without statewide public elections. Conventions held in years with statewide elections will be for LPTN candidates for public office. Party business (Other than the annual budget and approval, as required in Article VII, and election of delegates to the national convention) may only be conducted if a bylaw amendment meeting the requirements as stated in Article VI has been presented with the proper advance notification.

B. To be eligible to vote at an LPTN convention, one must either:

1. be a member, as defined in Article III, Sections A.1 and/or A.2; or

2. be certified as a member of the LPTN as defined in Article III, Section A.3 and/or A.4, and accepted by the convention by majority vote.

C. The Convention will, by majority vote, certify all candidates who will be eligible to have “Libertarian” next to their names on the ballot and/or represent the Libertarian Party of Tennessee as a candidate for elected office.

D. Delegates to National Libertarian Party conventions, and Presidential Electors in Presidential election years, are elected at the previous state convention, by a majority vote of that convention, along with alternates. In the event that a delegate cannot attend, that delegate shall select an alternate, or the duty will fall upon the state chair to select the replacement from among the previously elected alternates. The Chair shall be designated as the Head of the Delegation; in the event (s)he is unable to attend, (s)he shall be entitled to appoint a replacement from among the delegates attending. In the event that additional LPTN members in good standing are able to attend a National Convention, they shall be named as Alternates at the discretion of the Head of the Delegation. Presidential elector positions unfilled at convention may be named by the chair at a later date.

E. The LPTN convention shall have the power to secede from and to sunder all ties with the National LP by a 9/10 (90%) vote of LPTN convention delegates and to make such alliances with other state parties as it deems necessary. Alliances shall be approved by a 3/4 vote of the LPTN officers and regional coordinators or a 75% vote of LPTN delegates at convention.


A. It shall require a 3/4 (75%) majority of members attending the Convention, who are eligible to vote as defined by Article V, to amend these bylaws. It shall require a 1/3 vote to close debate on a bylaw amendment.

B. Bylaws may only be changed during an LPTN business Convention, with at least 60 days written notice to the Secretary, and distributed to all LPTN members via the email distribution list provide and maintained by the Secretary at least 60 before the convention.

C. All bylaws and amendments shall take effect at the close of the convention during which they are adopted.


A. The Treasurer will request from the delegates that the LPTN shall spend money in the same general manner for operations as the previous year, and shall set the following year’s budget at an amount not to exceed the balance of LPTN funds in the bank at the time of the Convention. The budget shall be approved by a majority vote at the convention.

B. The budget shall include a Chair’s Discretionary Fund and a Reserve Fund.

1. The Chair’s Discretionary Fund shall not exceed 10% of the total budget or $2500, whichever is less. The Chair shall have discretionary authority to disburse these funds for LPTN purposes.

2. Reserve Fund monies may only be disbursed after approval of 6 or more of the following people: LPTN Chair, LPTN Vice-Chair, LPTN Secretary, LPTN Treasurer, and the four LPTN Tennessee Regional Coordinators. LPTN County or Regional Chairs may submit a written request for Reserve Funds to the Secretary for consideration. Submitted requests shall contain a specified amount and purpose for the funds.

C. The books of the LPTN shall be open to the membership upon request.

D. Such funds may and be raised for specific purposes, (I.E. Ballot Access, Election Initiatives, Ballot Drives, Special Events, Special Conventions, etc ), must be spent for the specific purposes only, within the time frame for which they were raised. These funds must be raised and spent in accordance with State and Federal Laws.


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